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Top 10 Things To See On Your Icelandic Road Trip

Reykjavik An Icelandic road trip is something that I recommend everyone does at least once in their life. Who wouldn’t welcome a drive along one of the most scenic highways in the world? The majority of Iceland’s residents call Reykjavik their home. Although it is the country’s largest city, I never once felt that I […]


Icelandic horse watches cold sunrise

Comparing traditional weddings to elopements Awhile back we talked about the Misconceptions of Elopements. Something we didn’t touch on is ‘The Selfish Argument’, because we thought it deserved its own post. We often see on photography groups and wedding pages where family members and friends are upset that their loved ones decided to elope instead […]

The “Selfish” Argument


Cake decorated with flowers for an elopement.

10 Reasons You Should Elope

Let’s start off by saying- There is nothing wrong with having a traditional wedding. However, not every couple has this vision for their big day. The 100+ guest count, dealing with all the vendors, not to mention all of the other planning that goes into the day; it can be daunting. The idea alone can […]


Silhouette of a bride and groom during their Oahu Elopement.

Last fall, Heather and I had the privilege of taking a trip to the Canadian Rockies to photograph wildlife and landscapes. We had both been planning a trip to the region for years and I couldn’t wait to see the turquoise glacial lakes and the jagged mountains with my own two eyes. After months of […]

Journey to the Canadian Rockies


Elopement Misconceptions

A while back I asked many of my friends, family & random strangers if they could help me with answering some questions. The topic- Elopements! What exactly is an elopement? Even though I stated to everyone that there were no wrong answers, the responses I received were very interesting! There is unfortunately a lot of […]


A groom helps his bride down the trail while holding her dress.

Whether it’s an extreme hiking adventure or a day at a tropical beach, this wonderful island provides. I was lucky enough to find myself living in Hawaii from 2013-2016 and in that time I did my fair share of exploration and photography. I miss it a great deal and love going back to Oahu to […]

Top Ten Awesome Oahu Elopement Locations


The Beauty of Big Sur

Everything you need to know for an awesome venture along the iconic Highway 1 Who hasn’t dreamt of a long getaway on America’s most beautiful coastal highway? Never-ending sunlight, crashing waves, mountains cascading down into the ocean as far as the eye can see. When people think “road trip,” they are likely envisioning a drive […]


Mcway Falls in Big Sur at sunset.

Moving Across the Country… It was almost one year ago exactly that I decided I was moving to California. I boarded a flight across the country on very short notice to start a new job and a new chapter on the Central Coast. The chance to live in close proximity to Big Sur, Yosemite, Sequoia, […]

Our Venture to the West!


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