"They made a perfect plan for us and now we have these incredible memories to look back on."

"I'm the least photogenic but they made it so easy! Their photos were absolutely breathtaking and months later, I'm still smiling."

"Friendly and outgoing... The day of wedding they were ready to go with positivity and helpfulness."

I know "follow your heart" might be considered cheesy, but I'm cheesy 😂 However, that's literally all you have to do--I want you to really look inward to what you and your partner want during your time with me and be authentic to who you are as a couple. Do you want to suddenly do your own thing even though the idea of a venue and the 200+ guest list is what you thought was correct? That's cool, I am here for it. When you feel excited about the plan we make together as a team, the awe-inspiring photos will seriously come natural.

Basically, embrace your own path together without the limitations society often places on couples.

Always remember, today belongs to both of you.

Stay true to yourself and follow your heart.


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