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When you tell a person you love them, you are seeking a whole new, brave venture. It's a risk to fall in love, and you might not know where it will lead. That is one of life's greatest ventures!

Envision a day where you can truly be yourselves and have a not-so-average wedding.
A wedding day your way.

We understand how crazy planning a wedding can be and the stress that can come along with it. Does it really need to be? We want couples to have FUN and not feel the stress of a 'typical' wedding day. This needs to be the best experience of your life, because it is. 

That's why we are here to help.

 With 150+ weddings and 15 years united experience documenting weddings, let us help guide you so you can receive breathtaking imagery in magnificent places.

We are advocates for couples doing exactly what they want.
We are all seeking something-- So what do you seek? Don't you think you deserve the wedding day you want?

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Here at Seeking Venture, we document love stories of couples on the greatest day of their lives. We are here to help guide you with planning, logistics and everything in between.

We believe couples should do exactly what they want on their amazing day. A wedding day should be free of expectations, pressure and constraints. Everyone deserves stunning imagery to tell their story, especially on the most important day of their life. You deserve to do exactly what you want. We understand the pressures of developing a perfect day that your friends and family expect. However we are here to tell you that shouldn't be. It's really about the two of you and your connection to one another.

At the end of the day, your opinion about how your day went is the only thing that truly matters. We are here to help guide and realize your dream day. Regardless if your day involves a more traditional wedding, an intimate gathering of your closest friends & family, or even if it's just you & your partner, we want to capture the day of your dreams by telling the story of your love with our photographs.

We want to work with other couples who understand the value of capturing their wedding day. Yes, the photos matter, but this is not a full day photoshoot. Instead, this is an experience. We will provide the guidance needed for a stress-free adventure that comes with awesome documentation and creative photography that you will cherish forever.

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SVP offers a range of different collections to choose from depending on the location & size of your wedding or elopement.

Local Collections start at $3200
US Domestic Collections start at $4800
Worldwide Collections start at $6800  

Talk to us today to learn more about what we can offer for your best day ever!

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*Local Adventure & other portrait
sessions start at $450

What's Our Deal?

The Souls at Seeking Venture

Hello fellow venture seekers! We are Heather & Mike-- A photo couple who moved across the country from NJ in March '19 to seek out our own new venture on the West Coast! Located now on the Central Coast of California, we are seeking to document the incredible elopements or weddings of fellow venturesome couples.

We knew we found our match in each other the first time we met. Our combined passions of nature, adventure, photography and love has lead us to merge our businesses into one element and bring the best of our talents together. With over 15 years of combined experience photographing couples, we both love providing memorable moments that couple's deserve on their wedding day.

Fun fact- We have both worked at separate (and competitive) camera stores on the east coast! We are also fans of a good meme. So send them away!

More about us!

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Here's more you need to know about us!

Heather was always interested in photography from a young age. Everything from weddings, nature to red carpet events, Heather has covered it all. She enjoys trying new feats such as skydiving, waterfall rappelling, bungee jumping, balloon rides and trapeze lessons. When she isn't photographing couples she loves to be on safari in the lands of Africa seeking the majestic wildlife! She is passionate about conservation and preserving our beautiful planet not only for future generations but also for the creatures that inhabit the world today.

What does Heather seek? – The opportunity to live life to the fullest while making an impact on how people view the environment. You can view Heather's nature instagram at @seekingthewild_

Mike is an adventurous former Marine who has a decade of experience behind a camera. He has always enjoyed hiking the outdoors as well as integrating the principals of landscape photography into his clients' photos. His skill set in the wilderness and mountainous terrain was developed at a young age and refined by the best training that the United States military has to offer. He enjoys scouting locations and guiding people through any and all conditions and would gladly go the extra mile to get a shot.  He has lived on both the east and west coasts of the US as well as Hawaii and has traveled to over a dozen foreign countries. His photos have been seen by millions of people worldwide in print & online.

What does Mike seek? – Freedom from restrictions and limitations; Independence from society’s rules and the subtle ways we are forced to conform to them. It’s a big part of what draws him to the idea of adventure elopements. What better way to celebrate your love than to go on a guided journey into the wild and create memories that are shared by only an intimate gathering of you, your partner, your guides and nature herself? We can bring tacos too, we make the rules out there.

You can view Mike's nature instagram @seekingthehorizon_


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For the souls seeking love, adventure & happiness. Venture out, take risks and see where life leads you! 

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