We knew we found our match in each other the first time we met. Our passion of nature, adventure, photography and love has lead us to merge our businesses into one element and bring the best of our talents together.

With over 15 years combined experience, we both love providing these meaningful moments. It's important for us to provide authentic documentation that reflects your true selves. 

Why we do this:
We love delivering a personalized snapshot of a moment in time that you can relive & be reminded of all you have accomplished together as a couple. 

Seeking Venture Photo will blend your love of nature with your love of each other and craft a once-in-a-lifetime expedition based upon your unique vision and your story.


Here at SVP, we Believe:

Love is love.
Science is real.
Black Lives Matter.
The Planet needs protection.
The outdoors are for everyone.


The thought of giving couples a once-in-a-lifetime experience means the world to us. There are many reasons why couples are opting for smaller and more intimate wedding daysFor us, the best part is combining an epic moment and an enormous milestone with the grandeur of mother nature herself and some of the most beautiful landscapes in the known world. If the moment is going to take your breath away, why not have it in a place with comparable scenery? Let us worry about the logistics, you just worry about having the best day of your life. Our goal is not only to document your best memories but to also create them for you.

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Heather has always enjoyed photography and began taking pictures at a young age. Her favorite subject has always been wildlife and nature, but she has also covered a wide variety of occasions such as traditional weddings, red carpet events, portraits and real estate. She is no stranger to excitement and has done all kinds of venturous activities like bungee jumping, waterfall rappelling, skydiving, balloon rides and even a trapeze lesson!

Her favorite place to be is on safari in Africa seeking out majestic wildlife. She is passionate about conservation and preserving our beautiful planet not only for future generations but also for the creatures that inhabit the world today.

What does Heather seek? – Besides Africa's Big 5, the opportunity to live life to the fullest while making an impact on how people view the environment. You can view Heather's nature instagram at @seekingthewild_

Heather's dream elopement spot to capture another couple: Anywhere in Africa!

What does Mike seek? – Freedom from restrictions and limitations; Independence from society’s rules and the subtle ways we are forced to conform to them. It’s a big part of what draws him to the idea of adventure elopements. What better way to celebrate your love than to go on a guided journey into the wild and create memories that are shared by only an intimate gathering of you, your partner, your guides and nature herself? We can bring tacos too, we make the rules out there.

You can view Mike's nature instagram @seekingthehorizon_

Mike's dream elopement spot to capture another couple: Iceland since he has already scouted it out!

Mike is an adventurous former Marine who has a decade of experience behind a camera. He has always enjoyed hiking the outdoors as well as integrating the principals of landscape photography into his clients' photos. His skill set in the wilderness and mountainous terrain was developed at a young age and refined by the best training that the United States military has to offer.

Mike has certifications in first aid, CPR, wilderness first aide & drone videography.

He enjoys scouting locations and guiding people through any and all conditions and would gladly go the extra mile to get a shot. He has lived on both the east and west coasts of the US as well as Hawaii and has traveled to over a dozen foreign countries. His photos have been seen by millions of people worldwide in print & online.


We are proud to stand for responsible photography in the outdoors. We have attended Leave No Trace seminars and became official LNT Aware Photographers through an online course.

As people who believe in preserving the beauty of nature and the sanctity of our public lands, we proudly stand with these organizations and their objectives.

We hope that future generations will be able to enjoy the same places we have and that they will look back on our actions with pride.


•We have both worked at separate (and competitive) camera stores on the east coast

•Our first date was going to a wrecking club-- you know, where you get to smash random things with a bat and other weapons. One of the next dates was a helicopter ride. What can we say, we love ventures!

•We went to the same elementary school- Mike is 2 years older and remembers Heather but she has no memory of him

•Heather once saved Mike from stepping on a rattlesnake!

•Two cats now run our lives! Meet Ranger & Scout, our sweet kitty cat duo

•We also consider the hummingbirds in our backyard to be pets. Hey, nectar is NOT cheap

•Mike got thrown from a horse while on our Alberta trip-- Don't worry he was okay!

•Heather almost became the one-eyed photographer on New Years when a champagne cork exploded in her face

•We are fans of a good meme. So send them away!


"For the souls seeking love, adventure & happiness. Venture out, take risks and see where life leads you!"

Talk to us below so we can start planning!

We are currently planning our own dream elopement and would love to help craft yours!

We aim to empower you with the ability to make your own choices and not feel trapped by the limits that society places on couples during a traditional wedding. It's what we want for ourselves!

For the souls seeking love, adventure & happiness. Venture out, take risks and see where life leads you! 

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