We knew we found our match in each other the first time we met. Our combined passions of nature, adventure, photography and love has lead us to merge our businesses into one element and bring the best of our talents together. With over 15 years of combined experience photographing couples, we both love providing memorable moments that couple's deserve on their wedding day.


Fun fact- We have both worked at separate (and competitive) camera stores on the east coast! We are also fans of a good meme. So send them away!

In college I initially studied criminal justice as I was a big fan of forensic science! I still am and Forensic Files is one of my all time favorite shows!

What does Heather seek? – The opportunity to live life to the fullest while making an impact on how people view the environment. You can view Heather's nature instagram at @seekingthewild_

Heather was always interested in photography from a young age. Everything from weddings, nature to red carpet events, Heather has had the opportunity to cover it all. She enjoys trying new feats such as skydiving, waterfall rappelling, bungee jumping, balloon rides and trapeze lessons. When she isn't photographing couples she loves to be on safari in the lands of Africa seeking the majestic wildlife! She is passionate about conservation and preserving our beautiful planet not only for future generations but also for the creatures that inhabit the world today.

I love going on safari every year in Africa! Wildlife is a huge passion of mine.

Green tea brings me to life

Close call: On New Years Eve I almost became 'the one-eyed photographer' when our bottle exploded randomly and the cork hit my left eye! My pupil is now slightly bigger but for the most part I was totally fine!! I feel incredibly fortunate!!!

Heather's dream elopement spot to capture another couple: Anywhere in Africa!

I am certified in first aid & CPR. I recently got my wilderness first aide certification as well! 

What does Mike seek? – Freedom from restrictions and limitations; Independence from society’s rules and the subtle ways we are forced to conform to them. It’s a big part of what draws him to the idea of adventure elopements. What better way to celebrate your love than to go on a guided journey into the wild and create memories that are shared by only an intimate gathering of you, your partner, your guides and nature herself? We can bring tacos too, we make the rules out there.

You can view Mike's nature instagram @seekingthehorizon_

Mike is an adventurous former Marine who has a decade of experience behind a camera. He has always enjoyed hiking the outdoors as well as integrating the principals of landscape photography into his clients' photos. His skill set in the wilderness and mountainous terrain was developed at a young age and refined by the best training that the United States military has to offer. He enjoys scouting locations and guiding people through any and all conditions and would gladly go the extra mile to get a shot. He has lived on both the east and west coasts of the US as well as Hawaii and has traveled to over a dozen foreign countries. His photos have been seen by millions of people worldwide in print & online.

I studied economics in college and have a degree in finance.

I love playing the drums & I'm an excellent snowboarder!

Close call: I got thrown off a horse during our Alberta trip! It was scary but I turned out TOTALLY FINE! Infact, I think it HELPED my back reset! 

Mike's dream elopement spot to capture another couple: Iceland since he has already scouted it out!


We're nature people.

Besides taking photos of our awesome couples, we are always traveling & working on our nature photography as much as possible. We have established Seeking Venture Gallery and have newly started participating in local art & craft fairs.

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We were born to document.

We capture the feeling of the day so that couples can relive those moments in their futures. We want our photographs to remind you of what brought you together as a couple. We aim to empower you with the ability to make your own choices and not feel trapped by the limits that society places on couples during a traditional wedding. It's what we would want for ourselves.


We took time with our Name & Logo.

We wanted something to represent our souls and the way we do business-- It took time to dig into our 'why' and find how we wanted to represent our new brand. Our logo depicts the relationship between humans and nature and we hope it inspires people to fight to protect it.

Seeking Venture
- "For the souls seeking love, adventure & happiness. Venture out, take risks and see where life leads you!"


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For the souls seeking love, adventure & happiness. Venture out, take risks and see where life leads you! 

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