We hope these diverse landscapes and visions of majestic wildlife bring you joy and allow you to see things you might not be able to view otherwise. There is always much to explore and we invite you to come along with us.

We appreciate your support and hope you love seeing our photos in your home for years to come.

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Pretty much every home has a "What should I put there?" spot.

Consider the size of the space, what else is in the surrounding area and your personal style when choosing a photograph to hang.

A collection of unretouched photographs taken with a 50-year-old film camera. Everything you see was captured in-camera with no additional software or manipulation.


No memory cards were harmed in the making of these pictures

...because beautiful photos deserve to be hung, not viewed on a device


When you look at a photograph, do you feel an emotion? Fine art photography is a term used by the masses for today's art world, but it is a difficult phrase to properly define. For us, it really is up to the viewer to determine whether or not something is fine art. As the viewer, you need to decide if a photograph makes you feel a certain way. Any form of art should resonate with the audience and provide some sort of message or ardor.

Not every single photograph you look at may envoke a feeling for you, and that's okay. Sometimes it can just be 'a pretty picture' that you want to display in your home. Regardless, an artist's creative vision should always intent to move the audience in some way.

We just got started showing our work at local art & craft fairs in 2019, but due to COVID, that will be on hold for a bit!

Getting a chance to meet people face to face and talk about our work was an awesome experience we can't wait to get back!

Flair on the Farm, Salinas 2019

Mike hangs prints for Sol Treasure's Gallery showing,
February 2020

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Seeking Venture Photo offers gift cards for fine art prints.

We appreciate & thank you for supporting a *very* small business!

We hope you enjoy our work in your home for years to come. With our art, we hope to inspire our patrons to join us in taking care of our beautiful world.


Hey fellow nature seekers!

We are Heather & Mike, a photo-loving couple who moved across the country from NJ in March '19 to seek out our own new venture on the West Coast!
When we aren't having a blast with our couples, we are still constantly photographing in the great outdoors. This is why we have created Seeking Venture Gallery - A photo library with over 1,000 nature images of various landscapes & wildlife!


Central Coast California
Big Sur - Monterey Bay
Photographer & Guide